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Play Safe And Follow The Right Steps After A Minor Car Accident
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Play Safe And Follow The Right Steps After A Minor Car Accident

God forbid anyone gets into an accident, but sometimes it gets inevitable. Everyone has, once in their lifetime, experienced an accident that could be either major or minor. Minor traffic accidents are something that almost everyone has experienced. This does not at all mean that it is normal or safe in any manner. A minor car accident is sometimes enough to cause heavy damage. What would you do in such a case? is there to guide you in such situations.

Check yourself to see if there are any injuries

A minor accident can also cause serious injuries, so you must check your body to see if there are any injuries. If you find something, pain in any part, or dizziness, immediately rush to the hospital with an acquaintance. If you are alone and cannot go to the hospital by yourself, dial 911.

Major or minor accident- call the police either way

It is necessary, legitimate, and safe for you to call the police, no matter how big or small the accident was. The official report made by the police can help you get the insurance claim. Also, this way, the guilty cannot deny that the accident happened.

Collect the proof

It is wise to take pictures of the accident scene to keep them as proof and later present them to the officials when the guilty person somehow manages to escape. Make sure to get pictures of the number plate of the car and the damages caused, if any.

Park your car a little far from the site of the accident

This way, you would not block the traffic on the road. But if the car is too damaged and you cannot drive it, turn the hazard lights on as a signal for other cars rushing past.

Exchange information with the other party

Make sure not to start any heated argument by playing the blame game on each other. Get the vehicle and insurance information of the other party through a decent talk. Talk to the witness if there are any. It would be helpful for you to know their perception.

When to leave?

You should not leave the accident site until the police officer tells you so. You do not have to stay if you are injured. In that case, go for medical assistance as soon as possible.