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How to Win Your Child Support Case
Child Support Case

How to Win Your Child Support Case

The middle class needs to support its families, so we should not be surprised that millions of couples divorce every year. When one partner is struggling to make ends meet, the other cannot afford to pay. All too often, the father of the children will end up with the lion’s share of the money and the mother will only get a fraction of what she is owed.

There are hundreds of thousands of parents who are fighting to recover their child support in New York, Massachusetts and across the country. If your case is stalled, or the process has been unfair, you can take action to fight back. You have rights!

The majority of support cases are resolved without a courtroom hearing. But when a dispute occurs, it can be a minefield for parents. A fair and reasonable process is important to parents, as well as a chance for the courts to get it right.

Many parents find that they have to hire an experienced child support lawyer to make their case. When parents have the right Houston child support lawyer, they can overcome unfair odds and win their case. When your child support case is not resolved, having the right support lawyer is essential.

In this article, we will talk about the key aspects of child support cases in New York, Massachusetts and throughout the United States. If you are fighting to win your child support case, you need to know your rights and be prepared to fight for every dollar that you are owed.

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What is Child Support?

In New York, Massachusetts and all states, the law requires parents to support their children financially. The amount of support that is owed to parents is determined by a judge in a child support case.

Unlike a divorce where the couple is split up, there is no co-parenting here. The parent whose children are being supported is given a set amount of money each month to pay for their children’s needs.

There are two main child support orders that can be made. The first is a standard child support order. The standard order provides that the parent whose children are being supported must pay a specified amount of money each month.

The parent who is paying this standard order is given the opportunity to claim exemptions from the payments. The standard order is usually the most favorable to the parent who is paying the child support.