Suzi Perry Interview Moto GP Wolves

Moving away from the analysis side of things, just for a moment – we’ve got an in brief interview to bring you with none other than Suzi Perry. Currently, she works for BT Sport covering the Moto GP and while that isn’t relevant at all to what we do, Suzi is also an avid Wolves fan. Naturally, Suzi is very busy, so it was kept short and sweet. Five questions were decided on and five questions were answered. Without any further ado…

“He Was As Fit As A Butchers Dog”

I’ve heard that your grandad nearly ended up playing for Wolves in their heyday, how incredible! What is the story behind that?

“My grandad, Charlie Tomlinson had an incredible spirit for adventure and in his prime, he was as fit as a butchers dog, which was quite fitting really as he was the son of a butcher. He went for a trial and was chosen to play for the Wolves but his dad wouldn’t let him because it meant that he would miss Saturdays in the shop and that was their busiest day!  My great-grandfather didn’t see the benefit in him playing football. Amazing and such a pity.”

Can’t imagine that would happen in this day and age! Although it would make quite the story: ‘Local lad can’t play for Wolves due to his butcher duties!’ – Maybe one day, eh? Moving swiftly on…

As a child growing up you may remember the 1980 league cup winning Wolves squad. How do you think the current Wolves squad compares to the squad of 1980?

“I always think it’s very tough to compare eras. I remember the squad well because Paul Bradshaw lodged in a house in my road and I met Emlyn Hughes a few times. I made them a card in the shape of the Wolves head! I also still have autographs from Willie Carr, Kenny Hibbitt, Andy Gray and John Richards.

They had strong team spirit but were older and the game was different then in so many ways.”

An interesting, albeit somewhat expected answer, so we had to think outside the box once again.

If you had to pick three players from Wolves history to put into the starting XI today, who would it be and why?

“Billy Wright – Wolves and England Captain.  He won 105 caps and was never booked in the whole of his career.  A centre-half who led by example both on and off the field.
Ron Flowers – a member of the World Cup winning squad in 1966; a box to box midfield player who was both great in defence and in attack.  He would win pretty well all of his 50/50 tackles and then either split the opposing defence with a 25/30 yard pass or shoot on target from a similar range.

Steve Bull – what can you say about Steve that hasn’t already been said.  He was Wolves through and through and his record speaks for itself – 561 appearances – 306 goals (a club record) – 13 England caps.”

These answers opened a can of worms ever so slightly. Not the picks in themselves, but who would they replace? Billy Wright, in our current system, would probably be most suited to the Coady role, although you could see him just as easily filling in at RCB for Bennett. Nobody removes Boly, nobody.

Ron Flowers Or Ruben Neves?

Flowers is probably the most difficult one of all to fit into the team. In Nuno’s current system, it would have to be either Neves or Moutinho that miss out. Flip a coin?

As good as he has been this season, Jimenez would have to lose out for Bully. He would probably have scored 10 goals already this season. We’ll never know! Onto the penultimate question…

Recently, there has been a lot of media attention on Wolves and some have compared the team to the likes of Manchester City, in regards to their style of play and ambition. In your opinion, do you think that Wolves have the ability to reach Europe and how far do you think Nuno can take the team?

“Who knows!!  All I know is that they have a plan, they have the backing and the drive. There is much work going on to head in that direction as I write this. We can expect huge changes at Molineux – it’s tremendously exciting being a Wolves fan, I’m with them all the way and I think they can achieve their goals. Perhaps a little early to compare us to Man City though!”

Suzi is right to not get ahead as it’s all come crashing down too many times before. Saying that, I’ve already put in my holiday request for late June/early July for the Europa League qualifiers!

To end on a rather satirical note, if you had to pick one Wolves player past or present, to present an event with you who would you pick and why?

“My answer will always be the same – Steve Bull. He IS Wolves and he is also my friend.”

So, there you have it! Most of our work will have an analytical outlook, however, once in a while we will have something slightly different like this. If you’ve got to the end and been confused by the different styles of writing, I can explain. Sylvie did the interview with Suzi Perry and her questions are in italic, Suzi’s answers are in bold & italic and well, me, I’ve just put bits in the middle to jazz it up a bit. 

Until the next time.